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Amadria Park Hotel Royal Opatija

Amadria Park Hotel Royal is a fusion of old and new inspired by the historic villas of Opatija.

Luxurious interiors will provide you comfort, spaciousness and a view of the most famous promenade Lungomare.

In the library of the Royal Club CaffĂ© you can play one of the popular mind games – chess, bridge or the oldest board game mill.

You can also enjoy the varied offer of the Mahler Café and the Royal Restaurant, as well as the Royal Beach. Surrounded by palm trees, this oasis for relaxation in the summer months irresistibly invites you to relax in the shade of white canopies overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

For sports lovers, within the Amadria Park Hotel you can also find the Donna Tennis Team Active Holidays program that offers customized courses, coaching and entertainment events that inspire and challenge guests of all ages and abilities to improve their skills during the holidays.

svgAmadria Park Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta
svgAmadria Park Hotel Sveti Jakov Opatija
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